Bottle of Rum

Things that say BOOOOOM!!!

Morgan pressed his knife against Lilly’s throat. But at the same moment Scott Devonport heroically tried to save his girlfriend by making a Tarzan-move. He swung on a rope at great velocity with his feet straight forward. But he misjudged the reaction of Morgan. Morgan step back and held Lilly in his trajectory. Lilly got the full frontal facial. Morgan unwillingly knocked her unconscious and threw her several meters away.
Meanwhile Gust sneaked to the Swashbuckler in the turmoil of the fighting.
Scott reacted on his ‘often repeated and even slow-motion played back’ landing by trying to cut down Morgan but Morgan blocked his moves. Morgan tried to hit Scott in the head with the hilt of his knife. But Scott dived underneath him and cut the straps of his wooden leg loose.
Gust on the other hand grabbed the key of the prison and tried to find Captain Orthega. Orthega was already out of his jail and started to chase Gust. Gust escaped to the deck with a momentum advantage.
The following moments where quite intense and not for the feint of heart. The mistral is about to explode.
Scott tried to escape the Mistral by using his expertise as artillerist. He tried to use the escape vessel as a ‘projectile’ where he and Lilly could escape in.
Morgan tried to crawl of the Mistral straight to the deck of the Swashbuckler with his leg in his hands.
Gust tried to trick Orthega by swinging to the Mistral and back.
But everything went wrong when the Mistral exploded.
Scott miscalculated and crashed right on deck of the Ulysses. Where he saw these Fine leather boots which he hated more than anything. When he looked up to his brother he said: " Permission to come aboard, Captain?"
Morgan was almost of the ship when Hector came standing before him and drew his sword. The exploding ship swung Morgan and Hector against the other and right on to the deck of the Swashbuckler. Both Hectors sword and Morgans leg where laying a few meters away.
Gust thought he was deceiving Orthega but Orthega staid on deck and drew his sword. Gust was on the other side while the ship exploded and therefore he was smashed against the deck before the feet of Orthega.
Morgan began fighting Hector by trying to slice his throat. The both only superficially wounded each other. Hector evaded Morgans second attack and stood up my holding himself to the wheel.
Gust also stood up and bravely attacked Orthega with his knife- hand. The result was that Orthega wounded him quite severely.



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