Bottle of Rum

Unfortunate Events

Gust crawled out of the hole in Hectors room. There he tried to hide a piece of the map underneath a closet but hector caught him red-handed. Meanwhile Morgan rushed (hopping) in. After a firm discussion they came to the agreement to let Gust live and let him keep the map-pieces if they would set sail to Atlantis and Hector therefore would be able study the map. Morgan tried to exchange his services as a pilot to get his leg back. Unfortunately he failed. Hector went out to find a new pilot. Gust and Morgan tried to discuss a new tactic while John Smith arrived around the corner. They tried to make him fix the ship and get Morgan’s leg back. John Smith said no. And on the same time Hector came running around the corner with his sword in his hand. On that exact moment Morgan cut Johns throat and Gust stabbed him in the back. Hector yelled to Gust: ‘I know what your secret is!’ Turning pale Gust held his breath. Hector made everyone go in to his office. Morgan jumped through the hole made by Gust to get his leg back. Immediately the ship began to fill with water. As Morgan came back in the office they tried to reason with Hector. Resulting in the fact that the ship was being fixed. But Hector went out to arrange it and left the Bosun in the office to keep an eye out on the lads. Morgan tried to persuade the Bosun to let them go, but the Bosun new better and Hector came back with at his side the other prisoner. Captain Ortega was offered a chair next to Gust, who immediately freaked out. ‘Why is this traitor in the office?’ he yelled. ‘Do not believe anything he says!’ Hector than started to talk about what he put in his stew. Gust convinced Hector about the fact that he only did this once and otherwise they would all be dead from starvation. But he didn’t stop there. He tried to his own ill fortune to make Hector get rid of Ortega. Witch made Hector doubt about what Gust had said. Ortega convinced hector to search Gust and they found a piece of cheek belonging to John Smith whom they just killed. Eventually it came to the result of Hector and Ortega standing side by side on the deck with the crew around them watching Gust walk the plank. On this very moment Morgan took his chance. He sought the biggest hat in Hectors office with the biggest feather and went on deck. He jumped on the railing and spoke to the crew: ‘Why do you follow this piece of shit? Look at him, he who always claimed to be better is now standing side by side with the captain who he mutinied.’ The crew mumbled and Hector yelled: ‘Kill this piece of scum who is wasting our time!’ The crew came in action and so did Morgan. He dropped the sail and killed several crew-members. On the very moment Morgan thought that he would survive he saw his archenemy draw his sword with that old deadly fury in his eyes. His belly ached. Hector wasn’t going have mercy this time. And on the command of Ortega the Bosun pushed Gust of the plank into the deep blue…



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