Bottle of Rum

Head back to the starting point!

Morgan was fighting is archenemy, Hector! When Hector stood up Morgan tried to crawl to his leg which was lying next to Hectors sword. But Hector was faster. Hector was about to strike when Morgan started talking. Hector laughed and summoned his men around him to hear his plead. Hector was convincing everyone that Morgan was a bad pirate and therefor he should be keelhauled! Morgan talked back directly to Hector and told him he was the one who made the mistakes and that he should be the one that was keelhauled. He made the crew hesitate and even doubt Hectors position. Morgan got what he wanted. He was restored in his position as Pilot of the Swashbuckler under Hectors command. He even convinced Hector to set sail for the famous treasure of Atlantis.
One could ask how Morgan got all of this… It was because he whispered to Hector who had the Map piece…
He than asked Hector for his Leg. Hector picked it up, looked at it and threw it overboard while laughing “Get yourself a crutch!”
Morgan didn’t hesitate. He immediately stumbled to the rails and jumped in the sea. between the shrapnel of the Mistral he found a Leg and when he came back on board he tried it on but is was a size to big. So whenever he walks the leg is a bit loose.

On the other hand there was a bit of a commotion on the Ulysses. At first Scott saw his brother and tried to convince him that he is engaged with Lilly (who is still unconscious). And they came to the agreement that a doctor is going to look after her and that she will be delivered safely to his father. That night Scott wrote a letter to his brother that he is sorry for all that has happened and is going to happen. That he hopes Shaw takes care of Lilly. But the sea calls and he will never give up his freedom!
Scott then went to the powder room and ignited some powder to disable the ship. Than he started running to deck where he tried to get passed the guards by pretending he is a carpenter but one of the guards recognized him and left to find his brother. Scott hit the other guard in the face with a wooden beam and ran for it. Than came the explosion with a big fire-bolt. and in the commotion he let down a longboat and started rowing towards the Swashbuckler.

Scott arrived at the ship and asked permission to come aboard. And in the face of Morgan Woodleg behind his wheel, Scott climbed aboard with the help of Hector himself.



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