Bottle of Rum

Back on the Swashbuckler

While the others where busy at the steer watching Morgan and Hector .
Gust took the chance to talk to Orthega.
The ending result trew them both in Jail sinds Orthega could convince Hector to trow Gust in and than he threw Ortega also in.
After the events Morgan asked scott to fix his leg and gave it with him.
Gust was trying to hide his map piece while he made a hole in the ship. Scott saw the water and told Gust if he would give him the map pieces he would fix everything and even free him. Gust asked 1 return: Kill Orthega now he is asleep.
So Scott used Morgans leg to cover the hole and went to Ortega. Sadly the water wakened him and he fought back. Scott cried for help and Hector, the first mate and John Smith came in. Scott lied his way to keep Ortega in jail. Then suddenly they yelled from on top of the deck: The Imperials are comming!
Everybody rushed upstairs and Gust tried to come along. But Hector saw him.and he was locked up in jail again.
On deck Morgan tried to gain speed to escape the imperials. But they where faster. Than with the combined power of Morgans steerarts and the artillerist arts of Scott they destroyed the ship and Morgan escaped the collision with the ship. Later that night Gust tried to escape again and whent trough the seeling… Right in to Hectors cabin who sits with his back to him at his writingdesk



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