Bottle of Rum

Unfortunate Events

Gust crawled out of the hole in Hectors room. There he tried to hide a piece of the map underneath a closet but hector caught him red-handed. Meanwhile Morgan rushed (hopping) in. After a firm discussion they came to the agreement to let Gust live and let him keep the map-pieces if they would set sail to Atlantis and Hector therefore would be able study the map. Morgan tried to exchange his services as a pilot to get his leg back. Unfortunately he failed. Hector went out to find a new pilot. Gust and Morgan tried to discuss a new tactic while John Smith arrived around the corner. They tried to make him fix the ship and get Morgan’s leg back. John Smith said no. And on the same time Hector came running around the corner with his sword in his hand. On that exact moment Morgan cut Johns throat and Gust stabbed him in the back. Hector yelled to Gust: ‘I know what your secret is!’ Turning pale Gust held his breath. Hector made everyone go in to his office. Morgan jumped through the hole made by Gust to get his leg back. Immediately the ship began to fill with water. As Morgan came back in the office they tried to reason with Hector. Resulting in the fact that the ship was being fixed. But Hector went out to arrange it and left the Bosun in the office to keep an eye out on the lads. Morgan tried to persuade the Bosun to let them go, but the Bosun new better and Hector came back with at his side the other prisoner. Captain Ortega was offered a chair next to Gust, who immediately freaked out. ‘Why is this traitor in the office?’ he yelled. ‘Do not believe anything he says!’ Hector than started to talk about what he put in his stew. Gust convinced Hector about the fact that he only did this once and otherwise they would all be dead from starvation. But he didn’t stop there. He tried to his own ill fortune to make Hector get rid of Ortega. Witch made Hector doubt about what Gust had said. Ortega convinced hector to search Gust and they found a piece of cheek belonging to John Smith whom they just killed. Eventually it came to the result of Hector and Ortega standing side by side on the deck with the crew around them watching Gust walk the plank. On this very moment Morgan took his chance. He sought the biggest hat in Hectors office with the biggest feather and went on deck. He jumped on the railing and spoke to the crew: ‘Why do you follow this piece of shit? Look at him, he who always claimed to be better is now standing side by side with the captain who he mutinied.’ The crew mumbled and Hector yelled: ‘Kill this piece of scum who is wasting our time!’ The crew came in action and so did Morgan. He dropped the sail and killed several crew-members. On the very moment Morgan thought that he would survive he saw his archenemy draw his sword with that old deadly fury in his eyes. His belly ached. Hector wasn’t going have mercy this time. And on the command of Ortega the Bosun pushed Gust of the plank into the deep blue…

Back on the Swashbuckler

While the others where busy at the steer watching Morgan and Hector .
Gust took the chance to talk to Orthega.
The ending result trew them both in Jail sinds Orthega could convince Hector to trow Gust in and than he threw Ortega also in.
After the events Morgan asked scott to fix his leg and gave it with him.
Gust was trying to hide his map piece while he made a hole in the ship. Scott saw the water and told Gust if he would give him the map pieces he would fix everything and even free him. Gust asked 1 return: Kill Orthega now he is asleep.
So Scott used Morgans leg to cover the hole and went to Ortega. Sadly the water wakened him and he fought back. Scott cried for help and Hector, the first mate and John Smith came in. Scott lied his way to keep Ortega in jail. Then suddenly they yelled from on top of the deck: The Imperials are comming!
Everybody rushed upstairs and Gust tried to come along. But Hector saw him.and he was locked up in jail again.
On deck Morgan tried to gain speed to escape the imperials. But they where faster. Than with the combined power of Morgans steerarts and the artillerist arts of Scott they destroyed the ship and Morgan escaped the collision with the ship. Later that night Gust tried to escape again and whent trough the seeling… Right in to Hectors cabin who sits with his back to him at his writingdesk

Head back to the starting point!

Morgan was fighting is archenemy, Hector! When Hector stood up Morgan tried to crawl to his leg which was lying next to Hectors sword. But Hector was faster. Hector was about to strike when Morgan started talking. Hector laughed and summoned his men around him to hear his plead. Hector was convincing everyone that Morgan was a bad pirate and therefor he should be keelhauled! Morgan talked back directly to Hector and told him he was the one who made the mistakes and that he should be the one that was keelhauled. He made the crew hesitate and even doubt Hectors position. Morgan got what he wanted. He was restored in his position as Pilot of the Swashbuckler under Hectors command. He even convinced Hector to set sail for the famous treasure of Atlantis.
One could ask how Morgan got all of this… It was because he whispered to Hector who had the Map piece…
He than asked Hector for his Leg. Hector picked it up, looked at it and threw it overboard while laughing “Get yourself a crutch!”
Morgan didn’t hesitate. He immediately stumbled to the rails and jumped in the sea. between the shrapnel of the Mistral he found a Leg and when he came back on board he tried it on but is was a size to big. So whenever he walks the leg is a bit loose.

On the other hand there was a bit of a commotion on the Ulysses. At first Scott saw his brother and tried to convince him that he is engaged with Lilly (who is still unconscious). And they came to the agreement that a doctor is going to look after her and that she will be delivered safely to his father. That night Scott wrote a letter to his brother that he is sorry for all that has happened and is going to happen. That he hopes Shaw takes care of Lilly. But the sea calls and he will never give up his freedom!
Scott then went to the powder room and ignited some powder to disable the ship. Than he started running to deck where he tried to get passed the guards by pretending he is a carpenter but one of the guards recognized him and left to find his brother. Scott hit the other guard in the face with a wooden beam and ran for it. Than came the explosion with a big fire-bolt. and in the commotion he let down a longboat and started rowing towards the Swashbuckler.

Scott arrived at the ship and asked permission to come aboard. And in the face of Morgan Woodleg behind his wheel, Scott climbed aboard with the help of Hector himself.

Things that say BOOOOOM!!!

Morgan pressed his knife against Lilly’s throat. But at the same moment Scott Devonport heroically tried to save his girlfriend by making a Tarzan-move. He swung on a rope at great velocity with his feet straight forward. But he misjudged the reaction of Morgan. Morgan step back and held Lilly in his trajectory. Lilly got the full frontal facial. Morgan unwillingly knocked her unconscious and threw her several meters away.
Meanwhile Gust sneaked to the Swashbuckler in the turmoil of the fighting.
Scott reacted on his ‘often repeated and even slow-motion played back’ landing by trying to cut down Morgan but Morgan blocked his moves. Morgan tried to hit Scott in the head with the hilt of his knife. But Scott dived underneath him and cut the straps of his wooden leg loose.
Gust on the other hand grabbed the key of the prison and tried to find Captain Orthega. Orthega was already out of his jail and started to chase Gust. Gust escaped to the deck with a momentum advantage.
The following moments where quite intense and not for the feint of heart. The mistral is about to explode.
Scott tried to escape the Mistral by using his expertise as artillerist. He tried to use the escape vessel as a ‘projectile’ where he and Lilly could escape in.
Morgan tried to crawl of the Mistral straight to the deck of the Swashbuckler with his leg in his hands.
Gust tried to trick Orthega by swinging to the Mistral and back.
But everything went wrong when the Mistral exploded.
Scott miscalculated and crashed right on deck of the Ulysses. Where he saw these Fine leather boots which he hated more than anything. When he looked up to his brother he said: " Permission to come aboard, Captain?"
Morgan was almost of the ship when Hector came standing before him and drew his sword. The exploding ship swung Morgan and Hector against the other and right on to the deck of the Swashbuckler. Both Hectors sword and Morgans leg where laying a few meters away.
Gust thought he was deceiving Orthega but Orthega staid on deck and drew his sword. Gust was on the other side while the ship exploded and therefore he was smashed against the deck before the feet of Orthega.
Morgan began fighting Hector by trying to slice his throat. The both only superficially wounded each other. Hector evaded Morgans second attack and stood up my holding himself to the wheel.
Gust also stood up and bravely attacked Orthega with his knife- hand. The result was that Orthega wounded him quite severely.


While Morgan and Gust where about to jump they heard a single canon shot followed by what seemed hundred canons firing nearly simultaneously from the . The following explosions blasted Gust against the railing and Morgen drooled for a few moments with the shrapnel flying around his head. The following moments could be described best as next: The Swashbuckler-crew began to enter the ship. Gust, still lying on his belly let the crew pass over him and as stealthy as he can he sneaked to Hectors quarters to get his piece of the map. Meanwhile Morgan faced their (and his formar) Navigator with bare hands. Morgan kicked his ass and jumped to the Swashbuckler. He went to the sleeping quarters where he abducted Lilly. While they both exited the rooms they saw each other. Morgan saw Gust putting away the map. He asked for it. His superstitions led him to question where the map is leading to. So he tried to take the map from Gust. But Gust ran away. On the deck Morgan tried to convince Gust about sharing the treasure 50/50. Gust yelled “Atlantis is mine!” And he swung back to the Mistral. Morgan followed him with Lilly but than he saw Hector. He tried to convince Hector of Gusts betrayal With Lilly’s life as leverage. Hector said nay. On that moment the Navigator jumped upon Morgan. They wrestled. Morgan won and took out the navigator.. He will not be bothering him any more. Lilly fallen from Morgans shoulder than was grabbed back by her hair, Morgan pressed his knife to her neck and cool blooded he said: “You get what you deserve.” Gust stood ready to act upon the upcoming events with a little groan. Scott just got back on deck of the sinking ship and saw his lover Lilly.

Land Ahoy! Ship Ahoy!... Another ship Ahoy!!

The signalman yelled: ‘Land Ahoy!’ Where-after the Navigator grabbed the wheel to head in that direction. Morgan pulled him away by his hair because ‘Nobody touches his steer!’ At that same moment the signalman yelled: ‘Ship ahoy!’ Gust and Scott struggled about looking first trough the looking glass. Gust made the captain look first and he saw the Swashbuckler heading in their direction. Scott immediately started assembling the IKEA 360°cannon. At the same time the Signalman yelled: ‘Ship Ahoy! This time it was the Ulysses. After a firm discussion between Gust and Scott about how and who they would attack the captain decided to sail away between the ships. Woodleg turned his steer and they would run away.. But Scott secretly sabotaged the rigging so their ship would be run down. While Scott was prepping the cannons below deck to blow away the Ulysses, Gust and Woodleg prepared to board the Swashbuckler. Scott’s crucial first shot at the powder-chamber missed, upon which the Ulysses loosened the first salvo. The devastating explosions blew the bottom of the Mistral to pieces. For a few vital moments the crew fainted or drooled. At the moment they woke up the Crew of the Swashbuckler boarder the Mistral.

Find me a crew and we will sail!
Session 2

While Morgan was recovering from his wound, Gust and Scott where looking for a way out of this mess they created. Time was ticking fast and the Brotherhood was impatient. Luckily they found a crew willing to sail with Captain Henry Favards. With the right poison they drugged the captain and took him to convince the brotherhood that Hector had pledged mutiny aboard the Swashbuckler. The Brother hood asked them what they wanted to do about it. After an internal discussion they asked for better cannons and new supplies. So was it that they set sail aboard the Mistral. For 2 months they where sailing from haven to haven to find information. Scott had a hard time trying to convince the superior that the cannons where standing wrong. And Gust went to the villages where he cooked his delicious Stew to talk to the locals to hear about mysterious places and their legends. It is so that he located an other piece of the Map of Atlantis. Meanwhile John Smith saw Gust looking at his piece of the map. Scott saw that John knew something and knocked the information and his teeth out of him on the edge of the table. On the deck Morgan took his rightful place at the wheel at sword-point. Gust made sure they where still chasing Hector and changed the direction to head to the ‘Real Pirate Cove’ Blue Oyster. Then the signalman called in ‘Land ahoy!’

He's tougher than he looks
Session 1

Beginning in the small boat to row to Black Port the gang soon decided after a little quarrel to go back to the the ship. Once on the ship they abandon each other to get back some individual prizes. Morgan Woodleg chose to face Captain Hector and was punished for that choice with a sword in the belly. The others saw him and they immediately left the ship to get Morgan to a doctor. The doctor tried his best on it but it didn’t worked as expected. Morgan woke up for a moment while saying: ‘Just pour some rum over it. It will get better.’ Now Morgan is resting for 2 months until he gets better.
Gust and Scott got to see the Brotherhood to call justice upon The Mutiny of Hector. But the Brotherhood didn’t believed them so they have 1 day to find evidence of Hectors betrayal. Luckily there is one who can confirm there story. Captain Henry Favards who happens to have a ship without crew. But he hates them to much to resolve their quarrel with the Brotherhood. And then Scott Devonport jumped upon the table and jelled..

Character making

We created characters and the last bits of story.

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