Gustav 'Gust'

a cook famous for his delicious Stew


Gust, a cannibalistic cook who has been stranded on a deserted isle for a long time. Since his return he has never been the same. He keeps mumbling about being King of Atlantis..

  1. I will claim my throne on Atlantis!
  2. Ortega must die!
  3. They are all pigs and I feed them but if I can’t use them I eat them.

He is the former cook of the Swashbuckler.
He is known in Black Port for his famous Stew


  1. That map is mine by right! I will steal the piece from Hector while he is occupied fighting Captain Favards.
  2. I will board the swashbuckler rather than sink it, to slice the throat of the former captain.
  3. I will keep feeding the crew of the Mistral but lately the Bosun is annoying me with his loud voice…


  1. Always have cooking gear at hand.
  2. Always have some food on me, preferably human meat.
  3. A drink a day, keeps me sane.


  • Drunk
  • Cookie
  • Maggot Connaiseur
  • Cannibal
  • Crippled (One hand less)
  • Sea legs

Gustav 'Gust'

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