Bottle of Rum

Land Ahoy! Ship Ahoy!... Another ship Ahoy!!

The signalman yelled: ‘Land Ahoy!’ Where-after the Navigator grabbed the wheel to head in that direction. Morgan pulled him away by his hair because ‘Nobody touches his steer!’ At that same moment the signalman yelled: ‘Ship ahoy!’ Gust and Scott struggled about looking first trough the looking glass. Gust made the captain look first and he saw the Swashbuckler heading in their direction. Scott immediately started assembling the IKEA 360┬░cannon. At the same time the Signalman yelled: ‘Ship Ahoy! This time it was the Ulysses. After a firm discussion between Gust and Scott about how and who they would attack the captain decided to sail away between the ships. Woodleg turned his steer and they would run away.. But Scott secretly sabotaged the rigging so their ship would be run down. While Scott was prepping the cannons below deck to blow away the Ulysses, Gust and Woodleg prepared to board the Swashbuckler. Scott’s crucial first shot at the powder-chamber missed, upon which the Ulysses loosened the first salvo. The devastating explosions blew the bottom of the Mistral to pieces. For a few vital moments the crew fainted or drooled. At the moment they woke up the Crew of the Swashbuckler boarder the Mistral.



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