Bottle of Rum

He's tougher than he looks

Session 1

Beginning in the small boat to row to Black Port the gang soon decided after a little quarrel to go back to the the ship. Once on the ship they abandon each other to get back some individual prizes. Morgan Woodleg chose to face Captain Hector and was punished for that choice with a sword in the belly. The others saw him and they immediately left the ship to get Morgan to a doctor. The doctor tried his best on it but it didn’t worked as expected. Morgan woke up for a moment while saying: ‘Just pour some rum over it. It will get better.’ Now Morgan is resting for 2 months until he gets better.
Gust and Scott got to see the Brotherhood to call justice upon The Mutiny of Hector. But the Brotherhood didn’t believed them so they have 1 day to find evidence of Hectors betrayal. Luckily there is one who can confirm there story. Captain Henry Favards who happens to have a ship without crew. But he hates them to much to resolve their quarrel with the Brotherhood. And then Scott Devonport jumped upon the table and jelled..



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