Bottle of Rum

Find me a crew and we will sail!

Session 2

While Morgan was recovering from his wound, Gust and Scott where looking for a way out of this mess they created. Time was ticking fast and the Brotherhood was impatient. Luckily they found a crew willing to sail with Captain Henry Favards. With the right poison they drugged the captain and took him to convince the brotherhood that Hector had pledged mutiny aboard the Swashbuckler. The Brother hood asked them what they wanted to do about it. After an internal discussion they asked for better cannons and new supplies. So was it that they set sail aboard the Mistral. For 2 months they where sailing from haven to haven to find information. Scott had a hard time trying to convince the superior that the cannons where standing wrong. And Gust went to the villages where he cooked his delicious Stew to talk to the locals to hear about mysterious places and their legends. It is so that he located an other piece of the Map of Atlantis. Meanwhile John Smith saw Gust looking at his piece of the map. Scott saw that John knew something and knocked the information and his teeth out of him on the edge of the table. On the deck Morgan took his rightful place at the wheel at sword-point. Gust made sure they where still chasing Hector and changed the direction to head to the ‘Real Pirate Cove’ Blue Oyster. Then the signalman called in ‘Land ahoy!’



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