Bottle of Rum


While Morgan and Gust where about to jump they heard a single canon shot followed by what seemed hundred canons firing nearly simultaneously from the . The following explosions blasted Gust against the railing and Morgen drooled for a few moments with the shrapnel flying around his head. The following moments could be described best as next: The Swashbuckler-crew began to enter the ship. Gust, still lying on his belly let the crew pass over him and as stealthy as he can he sneaked to Hectors quarters to get his piece of the map. Meanwhile Morgan faced their (and his formar) Navigator with bare hands. Morgan kicked his ass and jumped to the Swashbuckler. He went to the sleeping quarters where he abducted Lilly. While they both exited the rooms they saw each other. Morgan saw Gust putting away the map. He asked for it. His superstitions led him to question where the map is leading to. So he tried to take the map from Gust. But Gust ran away. On the deck Morgan tried to convince Gust about sharing the treasure 50/50. Gust yelled “Atlantis is mine!” And he swung back to the Mistral. Morgan followed him with Lilly but than he saw Hector. He tried to convince Hector of Gusts betrayal With Lilly’s life as leverage. Hector said nay. On that moment the Navigator jumped upon Morgan. They wrestled. Morgan won and took out the navigator.. He will not be bothering him any more. Lilly fallen from Morgans shoulder than was grabbed back by her hair, Morgan pressed his knife to her neck and cool blooded he said: “You get what you deserve.” Gust stood ready to act upon the upcoming events with a little groan. Scott just got back on deck of the sinking ship and saw his lover Lilly.



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